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Essential Tools for Hot Shot Trucking

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Hot shot trucking can be a lucrative and rewarding career for those who enjoy the freedom of the open road. In addition to having the right equipment, such as a flatbed gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer, there are several essential tools that every hot shot driver needs to be successful. These tools not only ensure the safety and security of the cargo but also make the job easier and more efficient. In this article, we will discuss the must-have tools for hot shot trucking.

1. Straps

One of the most important tools for a hot shot trucker is a set of reliable straps. Straps are used to secure the cargo onto the trailer and prevent it from shifting during transportation. It is recommended to have both 2-inch and 4-inch straps in your toolkit, as they can be used for different types of loads. The 2-inch straps are ideal for lighter loads, while the 4-inch straps provide extra strength and stability for heavier loads.

2. Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are essential for protecting both the cargo and the straps from damage. These simple yet effective tools are placed on the corners of the cargo to prevent the straps from cutting into the load. They also help distribute the tension evenly across the straps, reducing the risk of damage or breakage. Investing in high-quality corner protectors is crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of the cargo.

3. Chains

Chains are another indispensable tool for hot shot truckers. It is recommended to have chains made of grade 70 steel, preferably in 3/8″ size. These chains are strong and durable, capable of securing heavy loads and providing added security during transportation. Chains are commonly used for securing machinery, construction equipment, and other heavy loads that cannot be adequately secured with straps alone.

4. Drop Tarps

Drop tarps are essential for protecting the cargo from the elements. They are used to cover the load and shield it from rain, snow, dust, and other external factors that could potentially damage the cargo. It is advisable to have drop tarps of different sizes, such as 4, 6, and 8 feet, to accommodate various load dimensions. Additionally, having bungees to help secure the tarp in place is highly recommended, as they provide extra flexibility and ensure a tight fit.

5. Chain Binders

Chain binders, also known as load binders, are used to tighten and secure chains around the cargo. They are essential for ensuring that the chains remain tight and secure throughout the journey. Chain binders come in various types, such as ratchet binders and lever binders, each offering different levels of tensioning capabilities. It is important to choose the right type of chain binder based on the load requirements and personal preference.


Hot shot trucking requires more than just a reliable truck and trailer. Having the right tools is essential for the safety, security, and efficiency of the job. Straps, corner protectors, chains, drop tarps, and chain binders are among the must-have tools for any hot shot driver. Investing in high-quality tools will not only ensure the successful completion of each job but also contribute to the overall professionalism and reputation of the hot shot trucking business.