Quality Hotshot Trucking Services

Aerie Ventures General Freight

General Freight

Our hotshot trucking services for general freight involves transporting smaller, time-sensitive loads using a pickup truck or a medium-duty truck. This type of service is ideal for businesses that require quick and efficient delivery of goods to various destinations.

Aerie Ventures Construction Transportation


Aerie Ventures hotshot trucking for construction materials is a specialized service that caters to the transportation of heavy and oversized loads needed for construction projects. Our flatbed gooseneck trucks are equipped to handle a variety of materials such as steel beams, lumber, machinery, and other supplies essential for building projects.

Aerie Ventures Oilfield Hotshot trucking

Oil & Gas Industry

Our hotshot trucking operations for the oil and gas industry involves transporting equipment, machinery, and materials to remote locations quickly and efficiently. These services are crucial for keeping operations running smoothly in the fast-paced and demanding environment of the oil and gas sector.

Auto and machinery hotshot

Automobile/ RV / Machinery

At Aerie Ventures our hotshot trucking for automobiles, RV transport, and machinery provides specialized transportation services for the swift delivery of vehicles, machinery parts, and equipment. Our trucks are equipped to handle the unique requirements of transporting automotive, heavy machinery items, and RV’s, safely and securely to their destinations. Our trailers are equipped with mega ramps.

Rail hotshot trucking


Hotshot trucking for the railroad industry involves transporting critical components, equipment, and materials needed for railroad maintenance and construction projects. These services play a vital role in ensuring that the railway infrastructure operates efficiently by delivering essential items to various rail sites in a timely manner.

Telecom hotshot trucking


Our hotshot trucking for the telecommunications industry focuses on transporting sensitive and high-value equipment such as communication towers, cables, and networking devices to support the expansion and maintenance of telecom networks. These services provide fast and reliable delivery solutions to ensure that telecom companies can deploy their infrastructure rapidly and effectively.

Specialized Services

  • Oversize/ Overdimensional
  • HAZMAT (non-HMSP)
  • Ports (TWIC)
  • Mega Ramps
  • Expedite
  • MSA/Contract Basis